About Us

Future Spot Technology is an Information Technology company located in Johannesburg, South Africa, servicing clients nationwide. Future Spot Technology is an emerging service provider of information technology solutions in the South Africa. Partnering with the best of breed technologies such as Dell, IBM, Oracle, Axis group, Pinnacle, Microsoft, IBM etc. we employ best practices developed over 14 years of service. We understand that to integrate technology requires the right human assets; our teams of experts provide project implementation and support.

With our growing focus on implementing solutions in various industries, Future Spot Technology has built a dedicated team of highly skilled professionals and a set of operational competences that form the foundations of our competitive advantage.


“Future Spot Technology’s target is to be the first choice in the “realm of IT” by providing innovative and efficient solutions to exceed expectations of our clients.”


“Deliver the world's best Information technology solutions that enable businesses to outrival”


Future Spot was created with a view to provide that extended and innovative support to develop your business.


Our Future Spot team comprises of those dedicated personnel who are willing to walk that extra mile to ensure your satisfaction. Our motto has always been to provide that innovative support to every interaction that we had with our clients.

Facing the FUTURE

We are always eager to add value and make a difference. As we evolve, we continue to look to the future - seeking out new methods, technology, new opportunities, and more choices. We want to continue to provide people with the products and services to connect them to what’s important in evolving their business.

Design & Markup

Graphic, Logo, Web & Front-end design

Web Development

Open source, eCommerce & Custom Development

App Development

Android, iOS, SMS and other Software Development

Big Data

Business analytics & Intelligence

Digital Marketing

SEO optimization and Social Media Markerting

Training accreditation AMADI